Master Your Money Mindset

Master Your Money Mindset is designed to help you create more positive thoughts and emotions about money.


Beliefs are at the core of all of our behaviour and thoughts. They form from ideas and the more evidence we find for the ideas the stronger they get. At some point, they are so strong that we do not recognise them as an idea anymore: They have transformed into beliefs.

Beliefs are ideas that are so strongly integrated that we never question them and see the world through them, they represent our truth. They represent how our world looks like.

The ideas originate from what society including media, parents, friends, etc. tell us. Usually, at an early age, we already find evidence enough for ideas that are not our own to make them beliefs.

Beliefs can be either limiting or empowering. We want to identify and work with the limiting ones and install more empowering ones.


There are many limiting beliefs around money out there, three common ones are:

1. Money is the root of all evil
2. Money does not grow on trees
3. No pain no gain

We want to identify the limiting beliefs inside us, seek out any truth that might be behind them and ultimately, get rid of them.

Take 5 minutes to write down statements or beliefs around money that you hear a lot or used to hear a lot (from media, friends, family). Write them down in your native language.

Analyse them as I did in the video.


I want to give you three powerful beliefs that will help you attract money (I took them from the book Money is my Friend by Phil Laut):

1. I deserve to be prosperous and wealthy
2. I deserve to be paid for enjoying myself
3. I have plenty of money

The best way to incorporate them is to build a habit of repeating them to yourself and/or listening to them (you can record yourself once and then listen to them on your phone).


We all grow up being dependent on our mothers. With time, we grow more independent. For many people, independence is the ultimate goal. However, there is a whole other level above it: Interdependence.

Interdependence is about knowing you can be completely independent but choosing to relate to other people and create together and collaborate.


I divide my income into several pots or accounts. The principal reason is not to save money but to create feelings that support a mindset that attracts money.

My divisions are:
Travel & Sports
Guilt-Free Spending
Taxes & Social Security
Annual Income
Personal Development

Especially Generosity and Guilt-Free Spending are important. Having money saved for Generosity will bring you the feeling of “I have so much, I can give away just because I want to (and without expecting anything in return)”. The Guilt-Free account will bring you the feeling of “I buy this just because I want to. I do not need to justify anything.”

Depending on your necessities, which I pay from the Cashflow account, you divide your income into different categories. What is most important is that you pay at least a little, perhaps just 1% into each of these to grow your Money Mindset.


You might think "well, I'll first make some more money and then I can worry about changing my mindset." That is not how it works.

If your mindset does not support you making more money, you will find ways (or ways will find you) to get rid of the money. It is important to work on your psychology first. The rest will follow.

Build habits to install the empowering beliefs. Take some time daily to tell yourself or listen to a recording.

Listen to the videos again or continue reading on my blog.

If you want to go deeper, send me a message and we will schedule a 2h call to see how we could work together.

Share this course with somebody you know is struggling with money or with somebody who has a lot but seems to not be able to hold onto it. They will appreciate.

Thank you!

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